Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 29th Birthday To Me!

We celebrated my birthday by going to the zoo.  Since it was Saturday and parking at the zoo on a Saturday is next to impossible we decided to ride the MAX.  Isaiah was very excited to ride the train!
Waiting for the MAX to arrive...except when the train came we realized we were on the wrong side.
Once we got to the right side another train came and we boarded the train...Isaiah was very busy watching!
When looking for the seals, Isaiah found one and shouted, "Big fish". 
Isaiah had fun looking at the seals.
"Go Go Upstairs"

A couple other funny Isaiah saying from the zoo were when he saw the sea otter and called it a penguin and when he asked to go, go inside the polar bear exhibit.  The polar bears were being fed fish and I think he thought it was interesting.

This picture is for you Pops...can I feed the monkey M&M's?

Isaiah called this orangutan a lion... I think because it was so hairy!

We also enjoyed the zoo train...Isaiah had fun on this train too!

We had a fun time at the zoo and then meet Nonna and Pops for dinner at Pastini for a yummy birthday dinner.

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