Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sherwood Car Show

Last Saturday we went to the Sherwood Car Show.  Pops went (without all of us) extra early to get some pictures of the cars before the crowds came.  These are just a few of my favorites pictures from his early morning photo shoot.

My silly dad taking a self portrait through the car reflection (since he went by himself so early).

Around 10 we all headed back to the Sherwood Car Show.  Here are a few more pictures he took of the us (mostly the cute kids) at the Car Show.
Oops too much sun in the boys eyes!
Getting both boys to smile at the same time is a chore...Isaiah smiled here, but Campbell wasn't ready yet.
Now Campbell is smiling and Isaiah isn't really smiling anymore.
On the walk to the Car Show I found some pine cones.  I gave Isaiah two to hold and asked Campbell if he wanted to hold pine cones and he said no.  Guess who wanted to hold pine cones later...yep, Campbell!  Luckily Isaiah happily shared his pine cones with his cousin.  Isaiah got more pine cones on the ride home and now Nonna and Pops have some new house decorations!

Family portrait in the car dad's favorite trick!
The boys in the car reflection.
Our adorable little boy hanging out in the stroller!
Our adorable nephew hanging out in the stroller!
Isaiah and Campbell (both who are 2) by a car with a number 2 on it!

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