Monday, June 27, 2011

Isaiah Pictures at 2 Years 6 Months

Approximately two weeks ago Isaiah turned two and half!  Our original plan was to do an outdoor family photo shoot.  However, our rainy June weather kept making it difficult to actually get outside and take good photos.  So indoors we stayed and opted for day to day, regular life pictures of Isaiah.  Our photo locations each have to do with things he is currently enjoying. 

Our first photo shoot location was the bathroom because he has really been interested in washing his hands.  He loves saying, "you want some soap?" which translates to Isaiah wants some soap.

Yes, he found the drain to spin...he is spinning less, but it is still a favorite activity.
He is very good at rubbing his hands together and making bubbles.
I think playing in the water is why a two and a half year old loves to wash his hands.

Our second location was still a bathroom, but we moved to our bathroom.  Isaiah still LOVES teeth brushing.  He always wants to help us brush his teeth and he loves getting his teeth brushed.

Somehow Pops was ready to take our picture and Isaiah was ready too, but neither Travis or I had gotten to put toothpaste on our toothbrush.  As soon as a couple photos were taken Travis and I both commented that a dry toothbrush is gross.  Now we enjoy a good laugh when looking at these pictures because we were know we were both thinking hurry up this photo location needs to be done!

Our third photo shoot location was our bed.  Isaiah had discovered a love for pillows.  Each night we lay on Mommy and Daddy's pillow to sing songs and pray before going to bed.  Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't great so we only really got one pillows shot.

Our fourth location was in our bedroom on the floor with our huge down blanket.  Isaiah LOVES blankets (just like his Mommy).  He has two small brown blankets (he uses one at a time, mostly so I can wash one and he still has one) every day.  He mostly snuggles them in his before nap and bedtime and keeps them in his crib, but some days his blanket goes everywhere with him.

I love that his arm is behind his head in so many of these laying on the blanket pictures because that is truly how Isaiah relaxes.

Our fifth location was in the hallway with a laundry basket as our "prop".  Isaiah ALWAYS wants to help me do the laundry.  We spend a lot of time at the washer and dryer and folding clothes that get piled into this basket.  He often hears the spinning cycle and beeps from downstairs and then acknowledges it and talks about the laundry.

Since we used the laundry basket as a prop we decided to for our sixth photo shoot location to actually start a load laundry and use the washer and dryer as props too.  Isaiah was very quick to help!

Our seventh and final photo shoot location was downstairs in the kitchen for a snack.  Somehow fruit leathers became "snack" to Isaiah.  More importantly eating in a big part of our day to day, regular life.

Even though this wasn't the outdoor family photo shoot I had in mind, I am impressed with how many of the pictures I really like because they are just the day to day, regular life pictures.  Thanks Pops for being willing to take pictures of our adorable little boy!


Brad & Emily said...

I love the pics good work mike !! Although a must say pictures have to turn out good when you have such a cute little person as your subject! Kalina give Isaiah a kiss for me.

Aimee said...

These are some nice pictures! It's a really great idea to get some good quality shots of the things that Isaiah loves to do. He will enjoy looking at them and reading this post in a few years and seeing what he liked when he was two and a half.