Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Myth or Reality: Can soap under the mattress relieve leg cramp pain?

I get leg cramps, and pretty regularly.   I only seem to get them at night while sleeping but they are always bad enough that I have to get out of bed and walk around to make the pain stop.  I have been known to get multiple leg cramps in one night and for multiple night in a row.

What can be done to reduce night time leg cramps? 

Recommendations include: 1)Increase my consumption of certain vitamins and minerals. 2) Drink more water . 3)Put soap in your bed ... and honestly probably others, but these are just the ones I am recalling right now.   

Well, since getting leg cramps isn't really convenient I have tried every recommendation given to me!  The most interesting recommendation was the soap theory.  However, I did notice less leg craps after I put soap in my bed.  Just recently (after several years of soap in my bed) I was changing the sheets and didn't bother putting the soap back into my bed.  I guess I wasn't thinking!  Well, that first night=leg cramp.  Second night= leg cramp, third night=leg cramp, fourth night=leg cramp...each night without soap in my bed I had a leg cramp.  After several nights of waking up and dealing with leg cramps the bar of soap was back in my bed.

Guess what...no leg cramps since I re-put the soap in my bed.  Myth or Reality?  REALITY!  Soap is such a blessing, and something I never have appreciated enough!

Recently while searching the internet for other recommendations and before I re-put the soap in my bed I was surprised to discover there is a whole website dedicated to solutions!  Perhaps you are interested in this crazy resource...that is if you suffer from leg cramps.

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