Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

Travis and I had talked several times throughout the weekend about coloring eggs with Isaiah, but we just never got around to it until Easter day.  The coloring of Easter eggs ended up being while the boys were napping and Travis was working on homework. 

My poor family missed out on fun, but I still had fun while they were busy.

The Easter egg dying crew-left side of the table.
The Easter egg dying crew-right side of the table.
Per my request Dan made a humming bird on an egg for me.  It turned out awesome!
Pops had fun making Easter egg bugs!
  Elise made a Lightening McQueen egg for Campbell.
Then Dan one upped Elise's Lightening McQueen.
Three eggs Elise colored.
I was in the process of coloring an egg half yellow and half another color...but after the yellow I accidentally dropped the egg.  Then Elise requested Dan draw a chick coming out the egg.  The writing on the egg says "It's Gross in There!"  Later Elise was showing the egg off and then she dropped it. Ha, I guess this egg just wasn't meant to be.
Elise and Dan having fun coloring Easter eggs.
Somehow we even convinced Nonna to decorate a few eggs!
I made the Go Blazers egg for Travis.
I also made the Go Ducks egg for Travis.
Here are the finished beauties!
Coloring Easter eggs is such a fun tradition so we saved one egg for Isaiah to color once he woke up from his nap.
 Continuing to wake up in Pops lap.
 Pops is showing Isaiah the egg that I made for him.  He isn't so sure yet.
Once he realized I put letters and numbers on the egg he was pretty into the egg! 
 We let him hold the egg, and guess what he thought he should do with it...
 Yes, spin the egg!
 He had lots of fun spinning the egg with Pops.

 After spinning the egg we moved to coloring the egg.
 I think he kind of was getting the idea.
 Pops was teaching Isaiah patience while coloring his Easter egg

Isaiah was pretty happy to see the egg change colors.  I think coloring Easter eggs was a success and it is exciting to think that next year he will do even better with this fun tradition.

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