Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful for a Snow Day and Getting to Stay Home with Isaiah!

This morning began at 5:30am when my phone rang and I got notified that the Newberg Schools were closed today!   I looked out the window and sure enough beautiful white snow was upon the ground and trees.  Next, I sent a text to my dad to make sure my mom knew she didn't have to get up early and come watch Isaiah today.  Then, I emailed my student teacher and told her she got an extra day off.  And finally, I went back to sleep.  We all slept until about 8:00am.  When I went to get Isaiah I opened his bedroom shaded and let him look at the snow.  Then we went to find daddy in our bedroom and he looked at the snow with daddy.  Here is a picture and a video of Isaiah seeing and talking about the snow!


My Aunt Cheryl is visiting us this weekend so I soon got a text from my Aunt DeAnn saying that everyone was going to Sharis for breakfast and we were meeting at 9:00am.  Travis and I got ready (luckily we take showers at night on work days so it wasn't too hard to get ready quickly and we let Isaiah go to breakfast in his pj's, boots, and coat.  I ordered French Toast, Travis had Farmhouse Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast, Isaiah at cereal and grapes from home.  This was a fun way to start our morning!  Thanks for taking us out to breakfast Grandad.

Travis had to go into work around 10:00am. Isaiah and I enjoyed playing in the snow next.  Since it was pretty cold outside I decided to bring the snow inside.  Here are some pictures and a video of playing with snow!

After playing with snow inside for a little while Isaiah was ready to play toys again.  While he played toys I took the extra time at home to vacuum my downstairs wood floors.  Isaiah loves to talk about the vacuum and try and help me with the chore.  Then, Isaiah took a late bath.  He had fun being silly and playing in the bathtub with mommy.

After bath Isaiah had pizza and apple sauce for lunch and I steam mopped the downstairs floors.  Next, we needed to venture outside to take Sophie potty.  He loved playing outside as the snow was falling on him.  We decided to take a short walk until daddy came home for lunch.   

And currently Isaiah is napping as I catch up on some blog posts!  It has been a great snow day!

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