Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Other Short And Silly Video Clips

If I do the same task multiple times in a row it helps me remember how to do something.  Thus, I am continuing to practice putting videos into my youtube account and then sharing them on the blog.

The first video Isaiah is saying go because I had just said Ready, Set, and was getting ready to say go and he said go for me.  I was trying to tell Travis that I was starting to record but instead Isaiah helped me finish my sentence. He cracked us up by doing this.  We are so impressed that he understands so much language so quickly!

The second video is of Travis saying the word cookie in a bunch of different silly voices and then Isaiah trying to copy him!

These are just a couple every day life videos of our amazing son!  We are so thankful to have our baby boy home and I can't believe we have already enjoyed him for 8 whole months!

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