Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At Maintenance Level

On Monday (my extra day off thanks to MLK) I went to visit my friends at Kaiser  I mean I went to get my allergy shots.

To start, I had to check in with Mr. Slow - I still can't understand why the other women can check two people in before he finishes with one person!

Anyways, I put my check-in slip in the box outside the nurse station door and pressed the buzzer button.  I went and sat down and waited to be called back.  Travis and Isaiah were with me so at least I was in good company because I waited and waited...25 minutes before I was called back!  That is a long time and doesn't normally take this long.

When I was finally called back my nurse friend said that I would be getting my first dose of maintenance level!  This means that now I can come to Kaiser ever other week (until this bottle of medicine is finished) and then hopefully I will only need to go once every three weeks and eventually once a month!

She was impressed with how quickly I made it to maintenance level and how much I have grown in getting shots!  If you know much about my past I have had problems feeling light headed and passing out when getting shots.  Now I am a professional because I can get my shots standing up!  I am proud of this accomplishment maybe there is hope for other things doctor related.

I have been building up to maintenance level for the last 6 months...which means hopefully I will get the benefits of limited allergy symptoms in the near future!

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