Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Story Time

About a week ago one evening I headed upstairs to go to bed. I knew Travis was going to be coming upstairs to go to bed too just a few minutes behind me. For some reason on this particular night I noticed how dark it was at the top of the stair landing and I decide to crouch down and TRY to scare Travis when he came up to bed. We don't normally do silly things like this to each other, but for some reason it sounded like a fun ATTEMPT. Well to my surprise it worked... I totally scared him! He even feel down at the top of the landing. He was fine and totally over it quickly and we went to bed. I thought it was funny that he ACTUALLY got scared. Normally when I try to annoy him or tickle him it never works.

Well last night Travis went upstairs first and then I was followed soon after. Now realize Travis never mentioned getting back at me. He typically isn't like that.. well guess what... Travis yelled AH! when I got to the top of the stairs. It totally scared me. I screamed and started crying immediately. After he hugged me and I calmed down we were able to go to bed. We laughed and said we were glad we got that out of your system before Isaiah comes home. As our reactions would have totally woke him up.

Oh the joys of being married and having silly moments together. What a great reminder of how much I love my husband!

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