Friday, April 02, 2010

Statements about Me...

1. I like having a clean house. I feel stressed when the house isn't clean.

2. I don't especially love the act of house cleaning.

3. I tend to clean house to reduce my stress.

4. Even though I don't love the act of cleaning, I still do it. My favorite house chore is laundry. My least favorite is cleaning bathrooms and refrigerators.

5. I do a lot of surface upkeep cleaning, but I am not as good at regular deep cleaning. My mom is much better at regular deep cleaning than me.

To be honest the whole lack of EP approval and worry that the ministry might be closed has created some stress for me. Yesterday I broke down and did my two least favorite cleaning chores. I deep cleaned my refrigerator and part of our bathroom (I still have the floors and shower to finish).

Did doing these cleaning projects make me feel better? Not really, but I am enjoying that things are clean in my house.

1 comment:

Emily said...

we were meant to be friends. I love cleaning bathrooms and fridges...I will do them this summer when I see you :-) I am so happy about the EP approval.