Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chairs Recovered

Just when we thought we couldn't fit any more projects in...we did. This past weekend we recovered our 8 chairs. Somehow I forgot to take pictures while we took apart the original covers. Bummer, because that was the real challenge since there were tons of staples!
Dad was a crucial helper on the project. Although Mom, Grammy and I also helped him.
Travis and Grandad were watching the Blazer game and during commercial breaks and at the end of the game I convinced him to help with the project.
Dad in action with the staple gun.
Eventually, we started to make quicker progress.
Here is a finished product. I think they look great! These will be much better covers than the light cloth we had before.
The scraps from the old covers and the extra pieces of the new covers in the garbage.
Grammy helped with the chair recovering project but she also did a couple other little projects in our home.

Thanks everyone for all your help! We love our family.

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