Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Son's 1st Birthday Celebration

Today, December 13th is our son Isaiah's Birthday. He isn't home yet but that didn't stop us from celebrating this special day.

Travis and I began the day of celebrating by praying for our little guy in his nursery.

Then we met up with my family for lunch at Round Table pizza.
We enjoyed some yummy garlic twists. Travis is sure his son will take after him and learn to LOVE pizza as much as he does!
Nonna paid for Campbell to get a bouncy ball. He loved opening the door.
Campbell loved the ball so much that he decided (or we decided for him) that he should get one for Isaiah to play with when he gets here. Travis and I helped Campbell put the money into the machine and then let him open the door again.
Campbell was very excited about the two balls!

After lunch we went back to my parent's house and made sugar cookies for fun.
Here are some of the cookies that Travis and I cut out in honor of Isaiah's birthday.
Campbell even got to help cut out his first sugar cookies.
He didn't quite get the idea though... notice his finger in the middle of the tree cut out.
Yep, that is his fingerprint left in the dough. I guess he was trying to decorate the cookies before they cooked.
This is his first taste of a sugar cookie. He liked it!
Such a good boy. He shared his sugar cookie with his daddy.
Campbell also got to try frosting a cookie. Mostly Nonna helped put the decorations on the cookie and then he ate the sprinkles and frosting off the cookie.
We all enjoyed decorating Christmas cookies together.
Travis and I were working on frosting important sugar cookies that were going to go on Isaiah's cake.
I am frosting an airplane.
After frosting cookies we had soup, crackers and cheese, and fruit for dinner.
Then we enjoyed Isaiah's cake.
This is a close up of the cake. Writing in frosting was a little difficult so in case you can't read the sign the airplane is pulling it says: Happy 1st Birthday Mommy and Daddy are coming soon!

We can't wait for you to be home and we love you tons!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah!! Can't wait to meet you next summer.

jk122807 said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah. Auntie Kayla and Uncle Joshua love you...

Charissa said...

Finally caught up on the blog! I am so excited for you both!!! Isaiah has wonderful parents! And 1 is such a fun age! I certainly am enjoying Jacob at this stage. Hope you can go get him really really soon. Praying for you!