Sunday, October 25, 2009


We did a stay-cation with my family this weekend. The fun began Friday night with us all meeting to go to dinner at Red Robin. I think my dad took a few pictures so maybe I can add one later. That evening after Campbell went to bed we watched Ghost of Girlfriend's Past. It was pretty good.

On Saturday the girls got pedicures and went to Sleighbells (without Campbell) and Lakeshore Learning Store (with Campbell).
I showed him these gears... he loved them... his Nonna and Momma each bought him a set!
We played with this cloth fishing set for awhile. He was really good at it.
He loved this toy and his mommy bought it for him for Christmas... sh! don't tell him!
The boys had fun too... they went golfing. Saturday evening we had yummy wedding soup, home-made oatmeal bread, and home-made dill seed bread. It was a delicious dinner and fun to cook together.

On Sunday Travis and I went to check out Magness Tree Farm. It was a little rainy (and nap time) so the rest of the family didn't come, but we had a great time. We will have to take everyone here sometime. It was an awesome place!
A cool old tractor, Travis couldn't sit on it though because there was a sign that said please stay off. Bummer... he always sits on the tractors.
This place had cabins you could rent... they looked very rustic and COLD!
One yellow leaf.
It was raining so I thought I would try out a large maple leaf as my umbrella. It wasn't so great at its job.
We were walking down the path and I spotted this amazing leaf. It has a heart in it! I love this picture.
Travis and I enjoying the outdoors, but kind of a weird shoot since Travis is taking the picture for us.

These two pictures were me trying to be artistic. I think they worked pretty well.

On Sunday we also carved pumpkins.
Dad tried a new way to clean out his pumpkin. He cut a pumpkin shape out of the back of his pumpkin and cleaned it that way instead of cutting off the top. Very creative!
Travis is busy cutting the top off our pumpkin.
I was excited to show Campbell how much fun the guts and seeds of a pumpkin are... but he wasn't interested. He didn't want to stick his hand in the bowl of seeds.
I did thought because I love this part of carving.
Later with his mommy's help he kind of liked investigating the pumpkin seeds.
Dan ended up carving a bull dog on the pumpkin that I cleaned out.
This is a still in process picture of the bull dog, but I forgot to get one when it was all done.
Here is the all done picture of the pumpkin my dad carved.
Sophie had a fun weekend too... we had ordered her dog booties from REI and they came in this weekend. She is testing them out in the house. We are hoping they work for her when we take her snow shoeing later this winter.

We had a good stay-cation, but we are now back to the grind. Travis is downstairs working on homework and I will soon be joining him.

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Aimee said...

Sounds like a great fall weekend! I am praying that next fall you will get to share the fun with a child of your own!
That leaf picture is SO cool! It would make a great card or computer background. Great find!