Tuesday, May 12, 2009

High Desert Museum

A couple weekends ago we went to Madras to visit Trav's parents. On Saturday we went to the High Desert Museum in Bend, OR. I had a lot of fun exploring. Here are a few of the pictures I took while we were there.
I liked this water pump.
My mom loves chickens so I took this picture for her.
Crazy to think what limited cooking supplies they had.
Tools in a bowl, what else do you need?
Travis is pretending to brush his teeth. I am so thankful for running water!
What a small living room. At least there is a table for games!
Someone made a comment about the gun storage place so I was documentning the idea.
Don't worry this was a staged picture. Morgan boys seem to need to use the facilities more than others=)
Just like his father- at the facuilities.
My dad loves goats so I was trying to document the goats for him. However, the darker brown goat was itching his ear in every picture I took. Crazy goat!
This was the old saw mill.
I told Travis he should take a picture of me at the High Desert Museum and this is the scenery he picked for me. At least I like yellow!

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