Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another Email Update

Dear Adoptive Family,

Greetings from the Vietnam program. I wanted to provide you an update on the status of adoptions in Vietnam. I know that you are anxiously awaiting information.

Status of the Adoption Agreement:
As you are aware, the Adoption Agreement between the US and Vietnam expired on September 1, 2008. As a result no new adoptions can be processed at this time.

Negotiations are underway between the US and Vietnam to establish a new agreement. To date, the two countries have established negotiating teams and identified issues for discussion. At the end of October there is a formal meeting between the two governments to discuss issues that need to be resolved before a new agreement can be signed. We are very hopeful that at this meeting will be an important step toward a new agreement. However at this time we cannot predict when a new agreement will be completed.

Status of family dossiers without referrals:
The Ministry of Justice Department of International Adoptions, has to date agreed to hold all family dossiers at the Ministry of Justice logged in - pending adoptions re-opening. At this point we do not know how long they will continue to do this, but for now dossiers are still at the DIA. If this changes we will notify you immediately.

Thank you so much for your patience while this new agreement is negotiated. We will provide you monthly updates during this time with the latest information we have. Please know that Holt is advocating with Vietnam and the US to implement a new agreement as soon as possible. what?! Travis and I are thinking it may be time to switch to another program. This is not the news we were wanting to hear. Our eyes are being opened to having understanding and patience for God's timing.

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