Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Immigration Number Two

On November 8, 2008 we mailed an update letter to Immigration. While reading the instructions for completing the I-824 form we found a $340 filing fee. We were pretty sure our social worker had informed us that switching to the Korea Program wouldn't cost us anything so we clarified and she said we didn't need to send another check to Immigration. Praise God!

To Whom It May Concern at Citizenship and Immigration Services:

We have already turned in our I-600A application and have been approved. However, since this approval we have changed country programs. Please switch our approval to the Korea Program and please hold our file in Portland, Oregon. I have enclosed a copy of our I-171H, as well as our home study and summary report for Korea, and I-824 which our social worker recommended we fill out and enclose.

Thank you for taking the time to make these changes.

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