Saturday, November 01, 2008


During the summer we researched agencies. We picked Holt International as our agency to help us adopt. We completed our inital application and we were accepted! The next step was for each of us to answer lots of questions-11 pages worth.

Some of the questions included:
1)What brings you to adopt now?,
2)Have you discussed your adoption plans with your extended family? What is their attitude towards adoption?
3)How do you plan to include the culture and traditions of the country you have chosen in your family life?
4)What fears do you have, if any, about adopting a child?, Briefly describe your parents’ martial relationship while growing up. What would you do differently?
5)In what ways are you like, or different, from your mother and father?
6) What happy, rewarding memories do you have of your family life as a child?
7) Who was the most influential person in your life? What qualities did this person possess?
8)What have been the most fulfilling accomplishments in your life?,
10)Describe the things you like about your spouse.
11)What repair attempts or methods to resolve conflict do you use in your marriage?
12)What roles do you play in your marital relationship?
13)What do you think is important in raising children and what do you think being a good parent means?,
14)In what ways would you bring up your child as you were raised? What would you do differently?
15) What are you expectations of parenting?
16)How do you think becoming a parent will change your lifestyle?
17)What types of discipline do you find most effective with your children? If you are a first-time parent, how do you plan to discipline your child?
18)How will you spend quality time with your child(ren)?
19)If you do not have children in your home, what experience have you had in caring for and relating to children? Attended parenting classes?
20)How do you plan to discuss adoption with your child?

Travis and I spent a lot of time answering these questions and many more. It was a time consuming process, but well worth the discussions we had with each other!

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