Thursday, May 05, 2016

Semi Truck Beads, Costco Trip, Dairy Queen Treat February 11, 2016

Building his semi truck was a two day process, but it turned out awesome!  He loves it.

This evening we went to Costco and had some fun.  

We found a fun yard spinner. We didn't buy it, but we liked it.

Esther had a blast checking out all the different dress options that Costco had to offer.
We didn't buy either of these, but we did possibly find a cute dress for her to wear for Easter.

Today she said, "Oh I could wear this to my yellow wedding!"

Followed by, "Oh I could wear this to my blue wedding!"

While driving to our errands tonight the kids spotted a Dairy Queen.  They really wanted to stop and get a treat.  Since our local DQ is still not open we decided to stop and get a treat after our errands. Both kids loved their ice cream!


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